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As banks face the challenge of driving down costs and streamlining operations, they need solutions that optimise staff productivity while improving customer service.

Points of contacts such as ATMs, Cash Deposit Systems, Banking transaction terminals and other such self-service banking terminals from AGS allows banks to strengthen client relationships, explore new markets, as well as reduce overall expenses. Making touch-points more customer-centric and linking front-end applications directly to the essential processing system enables the institutions to gain significant operational efficiency. Our Automation solutions are:


ATM is the most important customer touch point, providing an opportunity for banks and financial institutions to generate incremental revenue as well as attract new customers. FSS, the pioneer and the largest provider of ATM portfolio management and managed services, partners with banks and financial institutions in their high growth, high potential ATM initiatives.

With ATM products and equipment, your business can thrive and continue to stay competitive. We are your source for high-quality ATM solutions and ATM machines for sale that give your customers 24/7 access to convenient automated banking services.

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Cash Recycler

 On the outside, it looks like any other ATM. However, unlike an ATM—from which you can only withdraw cash—cash recyclers allow you to deposit cash as well. Just as cash withdrawal at an ATM reflects in your account balance immediately, the cash deposit also takes place in real time and the transaction reflects in your bank account at once. When you deposit cash, a cash recycler counts the currency notes and displays the amount denomination wise and the total amount inserted in machine for deposit. Once it displays the amount, you have to confirm if the amount is correct, and the transaction will then be complete.

 UIPC is providing sales and service support to more than 500 banking locations and corporates in Gujarat and continues to receive bulk and repeat orders from several banking and corporate accounts, It enjoys a commanding market share.

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