Intent of Things (IoT)

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Internet of Things (IoT) based Software / Solutions for Industrial Devices

What is IoT?

 Manufacturers that move to overcome the needed transformation today will position themselves as future leaders in their markets.

 Machines that can process and interpret data leads to automated production processes that is flexibile to adapt on the fly to changing environment.

 Internet of Things can provide you Smart factory warehousing applications, connected logistics, industrial smart security systems, remote and predictive maintenance, energy consumption optimization.

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 IoT provides more service lives compared to independent devices. The internet will disappear as we immerse our environment into it, it will be everywhere that it becomes part of us. As Internet of Things becomes more of a reality at many industries, knowing more about the technologies and processes of Internet of Things can position you as a top resource for your customers.

 Just like any company which ignored internet when it came, don’t be foolish enough to ignore Internet of Things. Next wave of industrialization will be via sensors and data, be quick to catch on.

 We approach to our customers’ needs quickly, perceiving that change is a characteristic piece of the IoT improvement cycle. We continually screen the business to keep you in front of any new innovative improvements, giving you the prescience to settle on more educated vital choices. We create reports specifying the market estimate, focused scene, key applications and center advancements required with the goal for you to accomplish your IoT destinations.

 We create reports as per the market estimate, focused scene, key applications and center advancements required with the goal for you to accomplish your IoT destinations.

 We are an Industrial IoT company focused on transforming the way manufacturing machinery is monitored, controlled and serviced.

 We are here to change this. Our differentiator is to provide an end to end service to the customer from devices to the cloud including low CAPEX rapid onboarding.

 We provide data capture devices which connect with various machine PLCs (programmable logic controllers) and motors. These devices send data to our cloud platform for analytics power through machine learning.

 Due to the natural wear and tear of factory machines, breakdowns occur, stopping planned business operations. Internal machine problems are likely to be overlooked; thus, minor problems that serve as indicators to a breakdown cannot be fixed in time to prevent downtime. Through monitoring solutions these indicators can be picked up by ThingTrax solutions and alerts with actionable insights can be sent to factory managers. Our mission is to make the monitoring process as simple and as streamlined as parcel delivery tracking is today. Our vision is to make monitoring solutions accessible to the majority of the manufacturers composed of small to medium manufacturers.